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Welcome to Homeless Visual Kids

First and foremost, I want to extend my greeting to all those who have visited this site in its infancy.

What we plan to do here at Homeless Visual Kids may be different from what you may have seen at other Visual Kei websites. Firstly, I would like to say that we are not necessarily a blog nor are we a news site, per se. Homeless Visual Kids’ goal is to provide for our viewers a place where Visual Kei is taken seriously and respectfully. But even more than that, Homeless Visual Kids is a site where all fans of Visual Kei, from every era can find a place to talk and learn about the genre. Our goal above all is to provide a respectful and healthy environment for Visual Kei fans.

And this perhaps leads into the title “Homeless Visual Kids.” On the surface, the name is actually funny and we choose it for its punk rock flair but more importantly, the title symbolizes not only the musicians, who contrary to what many fans may believe, are not necessarily famous or rich-but also, the fans, who come from all corners of the world and cyber space and are actually quite “homeless” as we search for a place to talk and learn about this great music that we love and enjoy.

So what exactly will you find here?

For one, editorials. These will be different from opinion posts you may have found at other Jrock blogs. Even though these are opinion pieces, they are not opinionated, meaning every topic is treated with respect and maturity. These editorials will be about many different things, from issues in Visual Kei, to controversial topics, to Visual Kei styles, etc. You will also find reviews and spotlights, posts about makeup and fashion, to polls and other interactive features. To put it in a nutshell, you will find all things Visual Kei.


Since this is an active community, contributions are more than welcomed! Articles, editorials, reviews, make up tutorials, anything you want to offer, including suggestions will be gladly accepted (reviewed of course and proofread ^_-).

You can contact us at homelessvisualkids@gmail.com



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