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Sakushi // Luna Sea – Ray

Sakushi Spotlights

Twice a month, HVK will be sharing a subbed video!! Unless otherwise stated, the subbing, the editing, the translations are the work of yours trully, Lexi. If there are songs you would like to see subbed or if you have translations or subbed videos that you have made that you would like to be featured just let me know! ^-^

About “Ray”

First appeared as a b-side to the band’s 1996 single, “In Silence.”

Translator’s Notes:

First of all, I am not fluent in Japanese-although I do study it. I was able to write this translation using two other translations as a reference and as a basis for my own translation. However, what I believe I bring to the table as a translator is my own artistic ability as a poet and my knowledge of the the peculiarities and the intricacies of the English Language.  My goal is to create a translation that expresses not only the beauty of the original lyrics but can also provide a similar feel.

If you have any questions on my interpretation of the song, please ask in the comments.

Links to the translators I referenced:

Copyright belongs to the respective owners, whoever they may be.

Also, I would love to hear your impressions or thoughts.


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