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Song of the Day// Melty Love by Shazna


So why Melty Love by Shazna? Of all the first “Song of the Day” options I have before me, why do I pick this song? Well, there is no profound reason. In fact, its actually quite stupid. Like all other obsessive-I mean dedicated Alice Nine fans, I watched the last Alice Nine Channel which I could barely understand by the way, and I was shocked to find out that Tora who notoriously claims to be such a fan of Western rock acts such as Korn, was indeed a Visual Kei fan (something that I was in doubt before after reading some excerpts for Alice Nine interviews) and on top of that, a SHAZNA fan?! I mean…you can’t get farther away from hardcore than Shazna who has recorded some of VK’s most poppy songs (my opinion of course). Their Chinese theme explains though why-despite Tora’s protestations that he had several beautiful Chinese dresses…

But enough of Tora and more on Shazna.

They were active from 1993-2000 and their main line up consisted of Izam on vocals, Aoi on Guitar and N.I.Y on bass.  Katsura, who played drums ended up leaving the band and joining another group called Baiser.

Several interesting facts about the band, it was originally conceived of as a Culture Club tribute band (Boy George’s band if you don’t know). In 2008, Shazna also released a book called “Homeless Visual Kei” which has nothing to do with why I titled the site the way I did. I’ve never read the book myself but I assume we share similar sentiments.

Sources: 1, Flowermusume on Youtube


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