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Song of the Day//True by exist†trace

In honor of exist†trace’s trace’s new beautiful look-which I am a fan of, their latest release “True” is the song of the day!!!!

For all who may not know the band, they are indeed an all girl band. Quite refreshing wouldn’t you say in a genre where it seems like its always boys on stage and girls in the crowd? The line up is Jyou  on vocals, Omi and Miko on guitars, Naoto on bass and Mally on drums.

Some exist†trace news::The band is returning to the United States in March 2012 to perform at Tekkoshocon in Pittsburgh!!!!!!  Also, they are releasing their new single (which the look featured is from) The Last Daybreak on October 19th.

I know a lot of fans unfortunately download music but on this website, you can buy Exist Trace’s music for a VERY VERY reasonable price: http://www.japanfiles.com/existtrace.html Please check it out.

Sources: ExistTrace livejournal community, Tekkoshocon


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