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Song of the Day

Song of the Day//Circus by Elldorado

Today’s song of the day comes from an “older” band some Visual Kei fans might not know of (I know that depends on who I am talking to). Personally, I really love this song and the performance. The bed in the middle of the stage is a bit ridiculous but I would be a liar if I said that I didn’t enjoy watching him roll around on it.

But onto seriousness…

Some information about the band: Elldorado (can also be spelled Eldorado) was active from 1999-2004 and a lot of the members went on to do other projects.

Vocalist: Kaede/ Yuki/UK – started band Glamorous Honey with members of New Sodmy

Guitarist: Yuu/Yuuichi – went on to join Siva (disbanded in 2009)

Guitarist: Tetora/Tomo – went on to join the band CODE

Bass: Shunsuke – joined the band BIS (disbanded in 2008)

Drums: Shouki

Other members included the guitarist Ruli (1999-2001). He was replaced by Tetora.

Sources: 1, 2, last.fm


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