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Song of the Day//Memeshikute by Golden Bomber

Introducing Japan’s best air band! Golden Bomber is a total joke in the visual kei world…but they wouldn’t have it any other way! While the members are capable of playing their own instruments (although sometimes they have to call in Ikuo to play the harder bass parts), the members prefer to dance, perform skits (usually boys love) and generally act crazy (jump rope with a rope made of bra’s anyone?) at their lives. Despite (or perhaps due to) the general foolishness going on with this band, they were apparently offered a major contract by 7 record labels in late 2010. Golden Bomber however, rejected all offers in order to “keep doing useless things”.

Golden Bomber is made up of Kiryuun Shou (vocals and violin), Kyan Yutaka (guitar), Utahiroba Jun (Bass) and Darvish Kenji (drums). Memeshikute is the title track of their 7th single.

Sources: Shattered Tranquillity, Music Japan Plus+, Golden Bomber lyrics booklets



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