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Song of the Day//RAVE by FEST VAINQUEUR

Yesterday we introduced the band SINCREA who disbanded in April 2010 in order to ‘start from the beginning again’. In his individual parting message, guitarist Tomo stated that he wanted to start a new band with a new style, and that in order to make a clear distinction between what was SINCREA and his future activities, SINCREA should disband. So the news that a new band named FEST VAINQUEUR, with the exact same line up as SINCREA, would start activities in October 2010 was slightly amusing but not too surprising. FEST VAINQUEUR was formed by Tomo and Hal, who were initially working together as a unit. When it came to the time that a support bassist and drummer were required, they asked Kazi and Hiro to fill in for them, and that’s when the four of them realised that they really liked working together! While the line up is the same as that of SINCREA (Hal on vocals, Tomo on guitar, Hiro on bass and Kazi on drums) the musical style is much heavier. RAVE is the second song from their self titled debut release.

Sources: Shattered Tranquillity, rokkyu magazine



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