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Song of the Day//Sky Blue by GUILD

ZANY ZAP are probably best known as the record company that signs Golden Bomber but GB isn’t the only band on that label willing to be a little silly! Enter GUILD, a quartet from Kyoto consisting of Ryuichi on vocals, Yoshihiro on guitar, Takuma on bass and Kohichi on drums. The two bands seem to be pretty good friends with Golden Bomber guitarist Kyan Yutaka making a guest appearance in GUILD’s PV Uso Janai, in his (as I like to call it) crazy fortune teller lady costume. Golden Bomber too, like to include GUILD in their skits; when the two bands appeared at TOKYO VISUAL FESTIVAL 2010, GUILD joined Golden Bomber on stage to play jump rope with a rope made out of bras tied together *rolls eyes*.


GUILD’s release schedule has been quite interesting. According to an interview with MJP, their first album GUILDED took 3 years to create (too long according to the members!). Since then, the band has released 3 EPs, each one corresponding to a season, with a fourth sure to be on its way. GUILD’s release format is also quite different, usually releasing 3 versions, two which have PVs and one with karaoke tracks. The PVs are of the same song, yet one is a “street version” with the members acting out a story of sorts (that’s where Kyan Yutaka comes in!) and a “dance version” which focuses on the members playing their instruments and/or dancing.


The song I’ve chosen for today’s feature is “Sky Blue” from their GUILDED album. I chose this song because my little brother (who merely tolerates visual kei) was on Skype one day with a friend and when Sky Blue came on, the friend asked for the song name! The next time my little brother talked to him online, the friend actually REQUESTED that I play Sky Blue! I was amazed, poor guy, probably has no idea what visual kei is, probably would hate it once he caught a glimpse of a vk-er, yet he likes this song! I was so proud of GUILD, and so I want to share that particular song with you today.


Sources: SR, MJP



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