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Song of the Day//Marry of the Blood by D’espairsRay

Today’s SotD is a bit sentimental to me and not because of the song itself. It was the first time I heard D’espairsRay music-they being one of the my first Visual Kei bands. The song itself has several interesting facts. It appeared on the band’s Maverick single back in 2003, showed up again on the Born EP in 2004 and was also remixed and featured on their first album release Coll:set in 2005. On the EP release, it is also interesting to note that Sugizo, the infamous guitarist from Luna Sea provided the violin.

D’espairsRay, known affectionately by fans on occasion as Despa tragically disbanded earlier this year due to vocalist Hizumi’s health problems. Karyu the band’s guitarist now plays in Angelo and Zero the bassist and Tsukasa the drummer are now in a band called “The Micro Heads 4N”- a name I have to get used to saying.

Sources: Wiki, my own memory


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2 thoughts on “Song of the Day//Marry of the Blood by D’espairsRay

  1. Oh…so that’s what the other members are doing now! I miss Despa;___;! I hope Hizumi recovers soon!

    Posted by Adeline Ter | November 6, 2011, 7:26 pm

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