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Song of the Day//fall on one’s knees by Cocklobin

Raise your hand if you laughed at this band’s name *slowly raises hand…* Despite my initial reaction to them (based on name only), I’ve fallen in love with this band’s style. Formed in 2008, cocklobin derive their name from “kumadori” or in English, “Japanese robin” which is known as a spokesman for sadness “the red chest that was received from licking the blood of the god at the verge of death”. The “r” to an “l” is actually a deliberate choice on the bands part. The band currently consists of Niyu on vocals (who apparently uses the same vocal style as Aki from Laputa, who have been profiled a little while ago), Iori and yuya on guitars, HISAKI on bass and sora on drums. Today’s song “fall on one’s knees” is the third track from their second maxi single and only release of 2011, “grisaille” and my favourite song of theirs, it has a seriously awesome bass line.


Sources: Shattered Tranquillity, OHP



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