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A check up with nurse Dani – a visual kei corner from the nurse herself vol.1 Translations: The GazettE

As I continue my research for the roots of visual kei as well as passing my excruciating nursing exams I thought I might pop in and carve me a spot here in homless visual kids to provide you all with a corner to share stuff I’ve learned and gathered.

As you all know I am a research junkie and one of my all time favorite things to do is find places that I can get my VK fix, especially in relation to translations. I came upon this idea due to a dear friend Augie, who is big fan of my research skills especially when it comes to the GazettE. I would like to dedicate this first corner to him so that perhaps next time he asks me to find him sources I can simply link him this page instead of hunting like a MADMAN for what he wants specifically.


The GazettE - Toxic look 2011

 Mou Ichido 
I love love LOOOVE the people on Mou Ichido, they’re professional, organized, and EXCELLENT translators. I mainly go to them for GazettE related translations but they also do live reports, blog translations, and fun girly misc articles. Their work is well written and they also do videos from time to time, a recent example was a short funny excerpt from HOLLYHOCK Radio(AOI) feat. Ruki. !

 Ducky’s Translations
Ducky is freaking AWESOME. She translates mostly Gaze and Alice Nine stuff. You can find the very charming blog posts of Gaze’s ex manager Sakai there (which I highly recommend!). Her work is mostly interviews and they cover a wide range of the band’s history. She’s incredibly sweet and allows people to take her work and translate them into different languages. She doesn’t update that often but there’s tons of stuff on there to keep you entertained for a good while.

This is probably one of the BEST places you can get subbed Gaze stuff. I have never seen a group of fans so dedicated to providing us all with excellently produced subs. Not only are the damn good but they make it really fun to watch as they add some playful commentary subtly within the videos. If you haven’t checked them out yet you absolutely must.

Now this place doesn’t have many translations BUT it is indeed very old. If you want to take a peak into baby GazettE blog posts this a fun place to go overall. They also have a livejournal which includes even more old blogger fun here. For those of us who like to take a peak back in time this is definitely a place to check out to get some good ol’ Gaze nostalgia.

ruki_candy on livejournal
Those of us who have to have our recent Gaze interviews know this lil lady is probably the fandoms best kept secret. When I first found this blog I felt like I struck gold and I’m almost certain you cant find a recent translated quote without finding her name pop up as a source somewhere. Now being her site is also a blog she also from time to time has some personal entries on there so just a heads up on that as I would like everyone to be respectful. Also, if you are going to friend her or read her stuff I would like you to comment and give her a thanks because she works pretty damn hard providing us with such great work.

hakitarun on livejournal and twitter
hakitarun is a place where you can find interviews not commonly seen anywhere else. She does a lot of old Garish Room translations (Gazette FC magazine) and is also the first in using twitter to give real time translations. Another cool thing is she gives you a step be step translation on how to join the GazettE’s fanclub. hakitarun is a really fun place to go if you’ve run out of offical magazine translations and are looking for a more relaxed GazettE (such as Gazeman interviewing a Gazeman). She also has some of Sakai’s old blog posts which as I’ve stated before are a joy to read.

kisekii on livejournal
While she is no longer doing translations anymore her blog has a plethora of interviews, radio translations, and staff blog posts which makes this a great place to check out. Her blog is clean and easy to read, and if I may say so myself, very stylish. For those of us who have a sick urge to read everything Gazette will find this is a place definitely worth visiting.

kiniro-ageha on livejournal
This is definately a blog worth visiting if you want to get your Ruki fix. She had a great amount of Ruki only interviews which includes several long personal interviews worth reading. She translates other bands as well including kagrra and sadie.

defectivecoma on livejournal
while they don’t have a lot of translations I am citing this mostly for their translation on Ruki’s Red MoteL magazine corner from SHOXX. I was thrilled when I found this little gem and definately think everyone should check out those articles, Ruki is hella funny and of course incredibly charming. They have also translated the GazettE’s first shoxx appearance as well as some other old magazine interviews and blog entries which are tons of fun to read.

Well thats all for now my loves! I hope you have tons of fun with these sites and enjoy the Gaze bliss! If of course, you know of any other sites that would fit fabulously on this list please leave a comment or email us here at HVK.

Until our next appointment,




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