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Song of the Day

Song of the Day//Count Down by Blu-Billion

Before their debut, this band was described on online forums as “Seika’s (from bis) new band”, much to my amusement (not that I’m too familiar with Seika or bis). Blu-Billion is different from other visual kei bands in that they have 6 members (you don’t see that very often!). Along with the standard vocals (Mike), two guitarists (mag and Soya), one bassist (Haku) and drummer (Seika himself) they also have a keyboardist (teru). A very young band, not even a year old, Blu-Billion has released two singles, one mini-album and undergone one member change. The song of the day is the title track from their debut single “Countdown” released in January 2011.

Sources: Shattered Tranquillity



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