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Song of the Day//Rhapsody in Black by A

A, otherwise known as ACE (short for Anonymous Confederate Ensemble) is a young band that formed in April 2010. The aspect about A that would catch most people’s attention is the fact that they are pirate themed, referring to their fans as “Hearties” (I’m assuming this is from the phrase “arrggh me hearties!”)! The second thing about A that people would notice is the inclusion of a violinist in their ranks! A’s theme (music wise) is “the world’s music” which is most apparent in their mini-album WHITE ALBUM where each track is inspired by the traditional music of a particular country. Unfortunately, recently the guitarist Mucho Gracias decided to leave the band (with the blessings of the other members) so the current line-up consists of Nimo on vocals, Rookie Fiddler on violin (yes seriously!), Toshi on bass and Tetsu as their support drummer.

A are involved in Mr T’s project (a youtube channel) with bands DaizyStripper and FEST VAINQUEUR and were instrumental in coordinating the charity live “Blue Planet” for the earthquake disaster. A are actually very active on Mr T’s project and their own official youtube channel, uploading not only live PVs but also youtube edits of their songs. In addition to this they are also very active on twitter, which isn’t really that different from any other visual kei member of any other visual kei band, however the main difference here is that all members (except for Toshi) are quite fluent in English (although Toshi says he is trying to remedy this!) and are happy to tweet (and blog) in English and respond to English-speaking fans.

The future of the band is uncertain at the writing of this entry, however I’m sure they will continue on activities, and perhaps one day rejoin with Mucho Gracias after his “journey”. In the meantime, here is one of their first songs “Rhapsody in Black”.

Sources: Rokkyu magazine, axrock LJ, Mr T’s project, axrockofficial



One thought on “Song of the Day//Rhapsody in Black by A

  1. Oops, forgot to mention that the pictures in the video itself are not of the members of THIS A but another band that was called A ^^;

    Posted by hikaru | November 13, 2011, 8:21 am

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