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Song of the Day

Song of the Day//Inner Core by LOST ASH

From their Official Youtube

Technically LOST ASH came into being in November of 2009, however prior to activities as LOST ASH the band was known as Ocelot which formed in 2008. In 2009 Ocelot changed their name to LOST ASH and along with the name change, their visuals too. LOST ASH consists of Daiki on vocals, Show on guitar, Sai on bass and Dye on drums (he can also play the piano!). As LOST ASH the quartet have released 3 singles, all following a similar naming structure (quite obvious when you line them up like this: superNOVA, innerCORE, overHORIZON) and consisting of 4 songs each (pretty generous I must say). In 2011 the band took a novel approach to securing album sales by putting out a petition; if the band succeeded in getting >12 000 people to sign for an album release then they would produce the album. The band obviously reached their target with an album (BLAZE IN HEART) slated for November this year.

Today’s song of the day is the title track of their second single “innerCORE”.

Sources: Shattered Tranquillity, SR, a random youtube video where the vocalist of A goes to a LOST ASH live.



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