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HVK: REVAMPED – A message from the editor

First and foremost, I owe an apology to all those who come and check out HVK for new updates and have-quite unfortunately been received with none. In my own defense, I will say that I have been quite overwhelmed with life as of late. I think many of you all can understand. And due to … Continue reading

Song of the Day//Yuugure no Shazai by Kagerou

I absolutely adore this song and this PV. I suppose the first time I saw it, it was instantaneous love. Here is some info on the band: Kagerou was formed in 1999 and ended activities in 2007. The Quartet was made up of Daisuke on vocals, Yuana on guitar, Kazu on bass and Shizumi on … Continue reading

A look into Visual Kei Subgenres

It seems to me there is a mania in Japanese culture or even music culture in general for people to obsessively codify things and label them. And in the process, often creating absurd subgenres like Gothabilly or Grindcore. Personally, I like to keep my genres pretty broad: rock and roll, jazz etc. Visual Kei of … Continue reading

Song of the Day//Marry of the Blood by D’espairsRay

Today’s SotD is a bit sentimental to me and not because of the song itself. It was the first time I heard D’espairsRay music-they being one of the my first Visual Kei bands. The song itself has several interesting facts. It appeared on the band’s Maverick single back in 2003, showed up again on the … Continue reading

Miyavi Concert Review

Now, first off I am the last person someone would ask to write a review especially of a Visual Kei artist who I adore and I would be the first to tell you, that I am certainly biased. With that being said, I think my opinion is worth something since in truth, there are probably … Continue reading

Song of the Day//Shimobe by Aliene Ma’riage

Back with today’s Song of the Day! Sorry for the unexpected hiatus >.< But anyhow! Today’s song comes from a three man band some of you may have heard of or not called Aliene Ma’riage (great name, eh?) consisting of Kyouka on vocals, Mast on guitar and Ray on bass. They were active from 1997-2001. … Continue reading

Song of the Day//Lily For You by Due le Quartz

The SotD is a awesome performance of “Lily For You ” by Due le Quartz at their last live in 2002. The band (which is somewhat unfortunate) is most well known it seems for the being the band Miyavi was in before he went solo. In this band however, he is known as Miyabi (note … Continue reading

Fan Art Competition Winner

I am pleased to announce that our winner for our Fan Art Competition is Kenya with her beautiful drawing of LM.C’s Maya. I would like to thank everyone that voted and especially all those talented artists who submitted their work.  

Song of the Day//Mikazuki by ZUCK

Today’s song of the day is a nice, sweet track by Indie band ZUCK. The band I believe formed in either 2009 or 2010 (I’ve seen conflicting information) with former 176BIZ vocalist Yu at its helm.¬†Accompanying¬†him is Tsukasa on guitar (handsome if you ask me and not the former drummer of D’esparisRay), Hayato on bass, … Continue reading

Song of the Day//Suzerain by Versailles

Today’s Song of the Day is a great live track by Versailles also known as Versailles -Philharmonic Quintet-, a moniker if I remember correctly has something to do with the fact that some American band goes by the same name (information derived from watching a interview between Kamijo and Gackt some time ago). The current … Continue reading