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A check up with nurse Dani – a visual kei corner from the nurse herself vol.1 Translations: The GazettE

As I continue my research for the roots of visual kei as well as passing my excruciating nursing exams I thought I might pop in and carve me a spot here in homless visual kids to provide you all with a corner to share stuff I’ve learned and gathered. As you all know I am … Continue reading

Song of the day//New World by BUG

BUG began in 2001 and consist of Kyo on vocals (D’erlanger, Die in Cries), Asaki on guitar (GUNIW TOOLS, Age of Punk), Takashi on bass (Die in Cries), and Takeshi on drums (Valentine DC).  The song New World was the band’s first single and came out in December of 2001. Kyo is considered by many … Continue reading

Son of the day//Crackeye by Zi:Kill

Zi:Kill was formed in 1987 and consisted of many influential musicians including Tetsu of D’erlanger and Craze and Yukihiro who is most famously known as the drummer of L’arc en Ciel and the influential 90s band Die in Cries. The song Crack Eye was one of the songs they released in 1992 after a minor … Continue reading

Song of the Day//Fancy Pink by GuniW Tools

Guniw Tools formed in 1989 as a creative outlet for vocalist and artist Tomo “Full” Furukawa who wanted to incorporate art and music. The band includes Full on vocals as well as Jake and Asaki on guitar. Jake who joined the band in 1992 was the main composer of Guniw Tools. After Jake left the band Asaki … Continue reading

Roots of Visual Kei – an introduction

Here on Homeless Visual Kids I’ve been granted the joy and the position of exploring the more ‘obscure’ and historical aspects of visual kei and japanese music and while I’ve only encountered this music for a short period of time I feel that the vast cultural and underground feel of the older aspects of this … Continue reading