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HVK: REVAMPED – A message from the editor

First and foremost, I owe an apology to all those who come and check out HVK for new updates and have-quite unfortunately been received with none. In my own defense, I will say that I have been quite overwhelmed with life as of late. I think many of you all can understand. And due to … Continue reading

A check up with nurse Dani – a visual kei corner from the nurse herself vol.1 Translations: The GazettE

As I continue my research for the roots of visual kei as well as passing my excruciating nursing exams I thought I might pop in and carve me a spot here in homless visual kids to provide you all with a corner to share stuff I’ve learned and gathered. As you all know I am … Continue reading

A look into Visual Kei Subgenres

It seems to me there is a mania in Japanese culture or even music culture in general for people to obsessively codify things and label them. And in the process, often creating absurd subgenres like Gothabilly or Grindcore. Personally, I like to keep my genres pretty broad: rock and roll, jazz etc. Visual Kei of … Continue reading

Digital Distribution

What’s the main driving force between the worldwide popularity of visual kei? Well that would be the internet, hands down. And with almost everything nowadays, more and more things are moving online, including the sale and distribution of entertainment. Many western artists are making their releases available via digital means but the Japanese music industry … Continue reading

A Guide to Buying Visual Kei Goods

An unfortunate thing about visual kei is that unless you live in Japan or you are a fan of very specific bands, it is near impossible to purchase anything visual kei related in a brick and mortar store. This means that fans are forced to fall back onto online shopping in order to support the … Continue reading

Visual Kei and Anime Tie-Ins

Some anime fans are fans of Visual Kei. And some fans of Visual Kei are fans of anime. This is quite likely due to a general interest in Japanese (pop) culture, however another explanation could be the use of “tie-ins” whereby songs by certain artists are used as the opening or ending themes for an … Continue reading

Song of the Say//Fallout by Luna Sea

Today’s song of the day is a Luna Sea track that some people might never have heard before entitled “Fallout”. Personally, I would die if I found a live performance of this song. Fallout was the B-side for the 1994 single “True Blue.” A little about the band: Luna Sea is Ryuichi Kawamura on Vocals, … Continue reading

Visual Kei Covers

With the recent announcement of a second installment of the CRUSH! V-Rock cover album series, it got me thinking. In the genre of Visual Kei, there seems to be a high chance that a band could make a pretty decent cover. Personally, I love all kinds of music (but do not fret, Visual Kei is … Continue reading

Song of the Day//True by exist†trace

In honor of exist†trace’s trace’s new beautiful look-which I am a fan of, their latest release “True” is the song of the day!!!! For all who may not know the band, they are indeed an all girl band. Quite refreshing wouldn’t you say in a genre where it seems like its always boys on stage … Continue reading

Welcome to Homeless Visual Kids

First and foremost, I want to extend my greeting to all those who have visited this site in its infancy. What we plan to do here at Homeless Visual Kids may be different from what you may have seen at other Visual Kei websites. Firstly, I would like to say that we are not necessarily … Continue reading