Fun Visual Kei Surveys


Me and Nurse Dani cooked up several VK Surveys for fun. Some are somewhat serious-as in they ask serious questions about your tastes, others are more for kicks. Go ahead, answer them in the comments if you like-steal them, modify them-do whatever you want with them. We might make up more. In that case, I’ll let you know on the updates section of the homepage or on our twitter.

  • General VK Survey- asks broad questions about your VK tastes
  • PV Survey-asks questions about Promotional Videos (PVs) i.e. music videos
  • Particular Band Survey-(Bad title eh?) asks questions but limits them to one band, any band you like
  • Fangirl/boy Survey-ask fangirly/boyish questions, questions about looks and crushes, that kind of stuff
  • Funny Survey-asks stupid questions to amuse the person answering and their friends.

General VK Survey


1. Top Ten Favorite Visual Kei Bands (don’t have to be in any particular order if you don’t want them to be).
2. Best Live band
3. Your favorite PV
4. Your top 5
5. Most romantic song
6. Song that makes you happy
7. Band that you respect but don’t like
8. The song that you are currently obsessed with
9. A popular band that you dislike
10. Do you prefer jrockers with or without makeup?
11. If you had to pick 5 jrockers to help you fight the zombie apocalypse who would you pick and why?
12. Pick three songs that you think most people haven’t heard that you think are extraordinary
13. Your all time favorite jrocker
14. Favorite look


PV Survey


  1. What was the first Japanese PV that you saw?
  2. What is your all time favorite PV?
  3. Funniest PV?
  4. Sexiest PV?
  5. What PV do you like more than the song?
  6. Which artist do you feel makes the best PVs?
  7. Which PV would you make into a movie and why?
  8. Which PV in your opinion has the most stunning visuals?
  9. Which PV do you think fits the song the most? What about the least?
  10. Which PV actor/actress (a person who isn’t in the band) is to you, the sexiest?
  11. What is the dumbest, meaning downright stupid PV that you have ever seen?
  12. Which song that doesn’t have a PV that you wish did? And what would you like it to be like?
  13. Which PV do you think is the most innovative?
  14. Which PV has moved you either mentally or emotionally?
  15. Which PV do you think everyone should see?

Particular Band Survey

  1. How did you find out about them?
  2. Out of all the members, which member is your favorite?
  3. What is your favorite PV by them?
  4. In your opinion, which live performance was their best?
  5. Favorite lyrics
  6. Favorite Album
  7. Do you prefer the A-sides or the B-sides of their singles?
  8. Describe each member in one word
  9. Favorite look of theirs
  10. If they were to cover a song which song would it be?
  11. What makes them special in comparison to other bands?
  12. Which album art of theirs is your favorite (includes EPs and Singles)?

Fangirl/Boy Survey

  1. Name the Jrocker that you are most attracted to and why?
  2. What band has the sexiest members?
  3. Which Jrocker do you think is the cutest? What about the sexiest?
  4. Out of all the jrockers you know, who do you think would look the best naked?
  5. Who has the most beautiful eyes?
  6. Who has the best laugh?
  7. Who is the most charming?
  8. Name a jrocker whose music you don’t like that you still find attractive?
  9. Who is jrocker a lot of people find attractive but you don’t?
  10. Who is the oldest jrocker that you find sexy?
  11. Whose stage performance is the sexiest?
  12. Whose personality do you think is the most romantically compatible with yours?
  13. Which jrocker would you make your husband/wife? Which jrocker would you make your girl/boytoy?
  14. Do you find cat ears on jrockers cute?


Funny Survey


  1. Think of your favorite in a mud wrestling match. Who would win and why?
  2. If they went to a Halloween costume party who would each member dress up as?
  3. Who is most like to win a wet t-shirt contest?
  4. If you had throw a jrocker over a boat, who would it be?
  5. Pick a jrocker for each of these roles:
  6. An assassin
  7. The President
  8. Sexy School Teacher
  9. Mad Scientist
  10. Mindless Monster
  11. Which jrocker win in a rap battle?
  12. Who is most likely to pull off an irish jig?
  13. If you guys were in a horror movie, who would be the first to die? Who would have the naked shower scene? And who would ultimately kill the bad guy/monster?
  14. Which jrocker and which song would you use for a chocolate commercial and why?
  15. If you were lost in a forest, who would have unexpected survival skills?



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