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Song of the Day//Inner Core by LOST ASH

From their Official Youtube Technically LOST ASH came into being in November of 2009, however prior to activities as LOST ASH the band was known as Ocelot which formed in 2008. In 2009 Ocelot changed their name to LOST ASH and along with the name change, their visuals too. LOST ASH consists of Daiki on … Continue reading

Song of the Day//Rhapsody in Black by A

A, otherwise known as ACE (short for Anonymous Confederate Ensemble) is a young band that formed in April 2010. The aspect about A that would catch most people’s attention is the fact that they are pirate themed, referring to their fans as “Hearties” (I’m assuming this is from the phrase “arrggh me hearties!”)! The second … Continue reading

Song of the Day//Yuugure no Shazai by Kagerou

I absolutely adore this song and this PV. I suppose the first time I saw it, it was instantaneous love. Here is some info on the band: Kagerou was formed in 1999 and ended activities in 2007. The Quartet was made up of Daisuke on vocals, Yuana on guitar, Kazu on bass and Shizumi on … Continue reading

Song of the Day//Count Down by Blu-Billion

Before their debut, this band was described on online forums as “Seika’s (from bis) new band”, much to my amusement (not that I’m too familiar with Seika or bis). Blu-Billion is different from other visual kei bands in that they have 6 members (you don’t see that very often!). Along with the standard vocals (Mike), … Continue reading

Song of the Day//fall on one’s knees by Cocklobin

Raise your hand if you laughed at this band’s name *slowly raises hand…* Despite my initial reaction to them (based on name only), I’ve fallen in love with this band’s style. Formed in 2008, cocklobin derive their name from “kumadori” or in English, “Japanese robin” which is known as a spokesman for sadness “the red … Continue reading

Song of the Day//Marry of the Blood by D’espairsRay

Today’s SotD is a bit sentimental to me and not because of the song itself. It was the first time I heard D’espairsRay music-they being one of the my first Visual Kei bands. The song itself has several interesting facts. It appeared on the band’s Maverick single back in 2003, showed up again on the … Continue reading

Song of the Day//Sky Blue by GUILD

ZANY ZAP are probably best known as the record company that signs Golden Bomber but GB isn’t the only band on that label willing to be a little silly! Enter GUILD, a quartet from Kyoto consisting of Ryuichi on vocals, Yoshihiro on guitar, Takuma on bass and Kohichi on drums. The two bands seem to … Continue reading

Song of the Day//My Sweet Black by born

born is the third incarnation of the band consisting of Ryouga (vocals), K and Ray (guitars), Kifumi (bass) and Tomo (drums). The five members created a band together in 2005 under the name RENNY AMY. RENNY AMY was active until 2006, with the same five members going on to form D&L. In 2008 D&L was … Continue reading

Song of the Day//Shimobe by Aliene Ma’riage

Back with today’s Song of the Day! Sorry for the unexpected hiatus >.< But anyhow! Today’s song comes from a three man band some of you may have heard of or not called Aliene Ma’riage (great name, eh?) consisting of Kyouka on vocals, Mast on guitar and Ray on bass. They were active from 1997-2001. … Continue reading

Song of the Day//RiL by ViViD

Today’s song is a live only track from the band ViViD. The bassist and drummer were initially part of a limited time only session band by the name of ZiL. Upon cessation of activities, the two went on to form ViViD in early 2009, signing with Peace and Smile Company. After not even a year … Continue reading