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Poet/Writer/Actress as well as a college student studying to become an Archaeologist. I’m also a former English Major (as you can see from my literary interests). My favorite Visual Kei/Jrock bands are Dir en Grey, The Gazette, Alice Nine, Luna Sea, Buck-Tick, Kagerou, D’erlanger, D’espairsRay, Kuroyume, SADS and Kagrra,. My favorite solo artists include hide and Miyavi. I’m a big music lover obviously. Besides Jrock, I love soul music like Otis Redding and Sam Cooke. I’m also a big fan of U2, Bob Dylan, Patti Smith and Billie Holiday. If it interests you, my favorite writers are Carl Sandburg, Maguerite Duras, Yukio Mishima, Thomas Mann, Joseph Conrad, Haruki Murakami, Fyodor Dostoyevsky and the wonderful Toni Morrison.

Nurse Dani


A nursing student and a photographer. Favorite Visual Kei artists are The GazettE, Alice Nine, Dir en Grey, Buck Tick, Luna Sea, Zi:Kill, Kiyoharu, hide, D’erlanger, Guniw Tools, and D’espairsRay. My main hobbies include research which is why I have been assigned to bringing you all the “visual obscura” corner of this blog. I also enjoy coffee,ghost shows, nonfiction, Mel Brooks, and punk rock. Some movies I like are Hiroshima mon amour and Dracula Dead and Loving it with an honorable mention to Moonchild, Kyuu, and Number Six.



A graduate in environmental science (not that it has anything to do with visual kei, music or even art!). Currently a 9-5 wage slave and part time student of Japanese. Got into the VK scene in late 2007 with alice nine and the GazettE. Considers herself more of a “neo-visual kei” fan (where neo is considered post-2000). Current favourite bands are (in alphabetical order): Chemical Pictures, DaizyStripper, RENTRER EN SOI and ViViD. Is a total CDJapan junkie and likes to trawl the net for indie VK bands only to cry herself to sleep (ok not really) when she realises that their early releases are long “SOLD OUT”. Other than visual kei, main interests include anime/manga, video games (Nintendo console bias~), playing music (piano, bass and a guitar that gets played for roughly a month approximately every 10 months) and sewing. Doesn’t have any favourite movies because she has a notoriously short attention span when it comes to videos. *grins*



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